Environmental Consulting

Offering environmental and public health advice and management

environmental consulting

STEER Environmental Consulting provides environmental and public health consulting advice and management services to a broad range of operators of commercial, industrial, extractive, and municipal activities.

Our consulting services cover operational, strategic, business management, and project management elements across a spectrum of operations, including quarrying, sewage treatment, waste management, food businesses, regulated waste transport, Local Government operations and chemical manufacturing.

Whether you need to gain approval for a proposed operation, or to bring an existing operation into compliance, STEER Environmental Consulting will provide you with expert services that ensure you reach your goals.


STEER Environmental Consulting was established by Philip Steer, an environmental management and public health professional with formal qualifications in environmental and analytical chemistry, environmental health, and project management. Philip has extensive experience in development assessment, environmental and public health management within both State and Local Government, and senior level management experience.

The expert and up-to-date understanding of legislation and government systems and processes available within STEER Environmental Consulting will ensure you achieve your goals in a cost and time efficient manner.

STEER Environmental Consulting is based in Rockhampton in Central Queensland, and is perfectly positioned to service your environmental management and public health requirements whether you are operating in a regional, urbanised, rural, or remote location.

STEER Environmental Consulting has access to the best development, environmental and public health specialists in Queensland and can form powerful project teams that will get the job done.